How to configure app Configuration in mSuite.

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Overview :

The app Configuration option lets you control and apply app restrictions (black list) on the device. When you create the app configuration, you can restrict any new app installation on ADO and Knox supported device.You can block access for any newly installed apps on the Android devices and block the apps based on the selected app categories that are available in Seqrite mSuite.

Note: If the user tries to access other apps, then the Launcher will block the app.


1. Log on to the Seqrite mSuite console and in the left pane, click Apps > Configuration.

2. The Add button on the upper-right side of the App Configuration page lets you create a new app configuration.

3. Create App Configuration and enter the policy name and click on Next button.

4. Left pane, click Apps > Configuration. >App Categories

Seqrite mSuite provides App Categories section to help block different categories to which the applications belong. The app category blocking is applicable only to the Android devices. You can select either a single or multiple or all the app categories.

Whitelisted Apps:

With this option, you can white list the apps. The white listed apps are accessible, even if their category is blocked.

5. Left pane, click Apps > Configuration >Blacklisted Apps

The Blacklisted Apps feature applies restriction on apps in the following ways:

Apps to Remove

If you want the user to uninstall all the versions of the app, then select the entire package to uninstall all the versions. You can also add the particular version of the app to the uninstall apps list

For iOS device app will be removed from device which are managed by mSuite.

Apps to Block

The Apps to Block option helps you to add the particular version of the app to the block list.

Note: The Apps to remove and Apps to block lists are not visible to the ADO and KNOX supported devices

This is not applicable to iOS devices.

6. Left pane, click Apps > Configuration >Published Apps

Published Apps functionality helps the user to add the apps to the Published Apps list and view the list. You can select the entire app or a specific version of the app and add to the recommended list. The selected app version will be recommended and the other app versions will be blocked.

7. Left pane, click Apps > Configuration >System Kiosk Mode

In System Kiosk Mode, you can add only one app to the ADO-supported devices or Supervised iOS devices. The user can access only the app added in the System Kiosk Mode. The app will be auto launched whenever the System Kiosk Mode is applied on the device or user restarts the device or if the user locks and unlocks the device.

Android App

iOS App

8. Click on Save.

9. Apply the Configuration on Group or device.

Please contact Seqrite Technical Support for more assistance.