Seqrite mSuite compatibility with Samsung Devices (Android OS 10)

27-10-2020 11:29:10 13 0


This document describes about Seqrite mSuite compatibility with Samsung Android 10 devices (KNOX & Non-KNOX)


Seqrite mSuite can have better compatibility on Samsung devices using KNOX & ADO enrollment method. There are two types of devices in Samsung, one is with KNOX capability and other is without KNOX.

The KNOX capable devices can be found at below link,

If your organization is planning to purchase new Samsung devices, then you must confirm the KNOX capability on the device before purchasing using above link. In case the device is not having KNOX capability which you purchase, then you are recommended to enroll these devices using ADO enrollment method.

Reference link for ADO enrollment guide, Please connect with Seqrite Support Team for any further assistance.