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How to install Seqrite Endpoint Security Server Console – EPS Version 7.6

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This document describes the standard process customer can follow to Install Seqrite EPS 7.6 Console.

Note: If you want to upgrade any existing Installed EPS Console, please refer this KB Article – How to Upgrade Endpoint Security (EPS) Server and Clients from older version to latest version.

System Requirements:

Please refer below link to ensure you have adequate system requirements in place to begin with Installation.

Note : If you want to install EPS server console 7.6 on Win server 2016 and 2019, make sure Windows Defender role is uninstalled from Server Manager. Do not attempt to install EPS Server without un installation of Windows Defender.

You can refer this Click here for more help on the same.

Steps to install Seqrite EPS 7.6 Console Server :

To install Seqrite Endpoint Security Server console, follow these steps:

1. Download the setup of Seqrite Endpoint Security Server Console from the following link:

2. Enter the 20-digit product key and click Submit to download the setup/installer.

3. Download the setup file from installer.

4. Execute the downloaded setup file and click Next.

5. Welcome screen of EPS 7.6 set up wizard, click Next to continue.

6. Read the License Agreement carefully. Select I Agree to accept the license agreement, and then click Next.

7. Seqrite EPS server needs Microsoft IIS Web server on your computer system to complete the installation.

If IIS or any one of the required components is not installed, a Pre-requisites Checks screen is displayed as shown below.

The screen shows the installed and missing components that are required to proceed with the installation. Click Next.

8. Click Install.

9. Click Next.

10. Select Enable proxy Setting if you are connecting the system to internet via proxy else click Next.

11. EPS 7.6 requires MySQL database which needs MySQL Setup File from End User during the installation process. Click on the mentioned link which is given in following screen shot and download the MySQL setup file.

12. Once MySQL set up is downloaded, click on Browse and give the MySQL set up path and Click on Next.

13. Select the Master Server and click on Next.

Master Server: Select this option if you have only one EPS Console Server in Organization to be installed. Master server can manage all directly connected Endpoints as well can also manage Secondary servers.

Secondary Server: Select this option if you already have Master Server installed and you want to setup Secondary Server. Secondary server will sync various statistics with Master server and will also fetch licenses details from Master Server as per Master server configuration.

If you want to setup secondary server, please ensure you have network connectivity between Secondary and Master Server.

14. Parent server port for EPS 7.6 will be 9111, click on Next.

15. The Console Installation Settings screen appears. Click Next without making any changes.

16. Pre-Install Scan begins to verify if system is infected with virus or not.

17. Provide Server Information. Select Domain Name or IP Address. Click Next.

Domain Name / Hostname/ FQDN: Recommended if EPS Server Does not has Static IP Address OR you have FQDN / Hostname fixed for EPS Console Server.

Large Organization can also use FQDN provided system’s hostname is configured as per the Organization wide FQDN Configuration and this FQDN is resolved from all Endpoints from Organizations.

Seqrite EPS Console will provide Available Hostname / FQDN in Drop down Menu in this selection if detected in local system where EPS Server is being installed.

IP Address: Recommended if you have Static IP Address assigned to EPS Server and in future it can remain static.

Please note, change of IP Address will required reinstallation of EPS clients so make sure you have provision in organization to keep same IP Address if this option is selected.

18.Click on Yes.

19. The Client Installation Setting screen appears. Click Next without making any changes.

20. Click Yes.

21. Enter the Administrator password for EPS Server Console and Client Settings password of minimum 6 characters long. Click Next.

NOTE: The password

for administrator and client should be different.

22.Set the MySql credentials without changing port.

23.Review the summary and click on Next.

24. Click OK.

25. Seqrite Endpoint Security console installation begins.

26. Read the important information and click Next.

27. Click Next.

28. Enter your 20-digit product key and click Next.

29. Enter the Organization details and other details to register the product.

Steps to Configure Update Manager:

1. Once you click on “Finish” post activation of EPS Server, it will auto open “Seqrite Update Manager Configuration”. This will enable Update Manager on the same EPS Server Console.

Enter EPS Server Console Administrator Password and click “OK”.

2. Select the updates you require to download as per available operating system in your network.

3. Select Update Mode as applicable to your organization.

4. Click Apply and Update Now to download the definition updates as shown below.

Please ensure EPS server has Internet connectivity to download updates from Internet.

30. Click 'Finish' to complete the installation of Seqrite Endpoint Security 7.6 Console.

Please contact Seqrite Technical Support for more assistance.


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