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Online Firmware Upgradation of UTM in HA environment

06-03-2021 02:07:01


 This KB article will help you with the Online Upgradation of Seqrite UTM in HA (High Availability) environment.

In HA environment both UTM will sync with each other to upgrade firmware simultaneously to the Upgraded UTM version.  

Kindly note that in Online Upgradation, After firmware up-gradation, both UTM will be accessible with their respective primary IP address and HA status will be in a disabled state.

It needs to enabled HA status again in the Primary Unit by verifying the connectivity status. Once enabled both UTM will be synced in few minutes. 

Applicable Versions: UTMv2.5 and above

Precautions : 

1. Take a Downtime of a minimum of 30 min to complete this firmware up-gradation.

2. Keep Dedicated HA link connected on both UTM

3. Remove WAN cable connections if the same IP configured on both UTM.

4. Take Configuration Backup and download it on your system.

Configuration Steps: 

1. Ensure that both UTM show HA status ON and mode Active/Passive.  

2. Ensure that Firmware shows downloaded on both Active and Passive UTM. If Firmware not shows downloaded on Passive UTM wait to get sync properly. 

3. Login to Primary (Active) UTM and start firmware up-gradation process by selecting "Install Now". 

4. Upgradation process takes 15-20 min to complete. 

5. As of now, the Upgradation process does not enable HA status automatically after the upgradation, hence respective UTM need to access with their Primary IP address.

6. Login to Primary UTM with its Primary IP and Navigate to System > High Availability page , Toggle the HA service button to enable the HA service, ensure the configuration shown is correct ( can be modify if required), and click Apply to proceed with Syncing. It will take around 5 minutes to complete the syncing. 

7. Once Sync, Upgradation process is completed. HA functionality can be verified after this.

Please contact Seqrite Technical Support for more assistance