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Types of Modes in Seqrite UTM URL Categorization

12-07-2021 05:04:33

Basic Functionality:

- Search or browse any URL

- POST query gets encrypted by UTM and sent to the URL categorization server which gets maintained by URL categorization team.

- After getting the response from the server, UTM allows/blocks the same as per the action selected for that particular website.

Note: Shows category as unknown in below scenario.

- If the IP or URL of the URL categorization server is blocked from the UTM or next hop.

- If the website is not categorized.

- If the license is expired.

There are two types of modes in URL categorization.

Normal policy mode.

Loose policy mode.

- In Normal policy mode, UTM sends the requests for 5-6 times to the server to get the category of the website accessed. If the server gets the response, it will show you the category as per the server response or else after 5-6 retries, it will show you the category as unknown.

- In Loose policy mode, UTM sends the request only once and if it doesn’t get any response from the server, it shows you the category as unknown.

- Loose mode gets used when the device is not capable to handle the extreme load of traffic passing through or there is a lot of latency occurred due to heavy traffic through the network.

Below is the example for both of the above scenarios:

1: Normal policy mode:

- It is not necessary that the UTM retries 5-6 times to get the category every time. If the website is searched or browsed frequently or at least once before sometime, it will show you the category from cache only and won’t even request to the server.

- The test URL policy is applied on the IPwise user in user management.

- The cache of the searched websites or is maintained by the UTM service only.

- For below given packet capture, we have blocked the server IP addresses from next hop and it is sending the SYN request to the server. So in this case, the category will be shown as unknown as mentioned at the starting of the document.

2: Loose policy mode

- In loose mode policy, as per the categorization team, UTM will request once for getting the category information of the website. If it is getting the information then it will show you but if not than it will show you the category as unknown. But meanwhile, UTM will let the server know that it could not get the category name and the server will let the UTM know about the category when a server gets the information about the same.

Shown the SYN request to the server above.

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