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How to upgrade server edition version from version 17.00 to version 18.00

19-02-2020 16:54:43


This document describes process which can be followed to upgrade Server Edition Product from Version 17 to Version 18.


1. Uninstall Av 17.00 from control panel.

2. Save the product key

3. Restart the server

4. Before starting AV 18.00 installation on server, check if Windows defender is present in server manager for OS : Win server 2016. 

If it is present follow the procedure to remove the feature as described Here

5. Download the lasted version of Quick Heal / Seqrite Server edition from below URLs:

6. Start installation of AV 18.00 and click on continue.

7. Accept the terms and condition to install.

8. Select installation path & click on Next

9. Wait till installation gets completed.

10. Activate AV using your product key.

Please contact Seqrite Technical Support for more assistance.