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How to add custom files for backup in the Quick Heal Server Edition 19.00?

17-11-2020 19:05:33


Antivirus Backup Feature allows you to take periodic backups of important data files present on the endpoint.

By default, the following types of files are backed up by an Antivirus backup feature:

Category name

File List

Text Files


Document Files


Email Files


Accounting Files

.TCP, .900, .TSF, .001, .247, .500, .989, .TSM, .BDS, .SYS, .BKP, .MDF, .LDF, .DB, .CS

This article will help to add custom file extensions/ file types other than the default supported file types.

Applicable versions: Quick Heal Antivirus Server Edition 19.00.

To add a custom file type for backup, follow the steps:

1. Open the Antivirus dashboard and click on the “Privacy” option.

2. Go to “Data Backup”.

3. Open “Settings”.

4. Select “Advanced (Default + Custom)” and click on “configure”.

5. In the “User specified file types” enable the option “User specified files” and select “Add extension”.

6. Add extension manually and click on “Add” and “OK”.
DWG > Add > OK

7. Save the final setting by clicking on “Save Changes”.

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