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How to allow temporary USB device access to UEM Client: EPS Cloud (UEM)

04-05-2020 01:32:08

Overview: This document describes the standard process customer can follow to allow the

Temporary USB access to a device on the client for a specific period.

Applicable Versions: EPS cloud 1.0 and above.

Note: Allow temporary device option is displayed on scanner only if Advance Device Control is enabled in policy.

Please follow the below steps:

To enable Temporary Device Access, follow these steps:

  1. Log on to the Seqrite UEM Web console and click on status.

2. Select the endpoint client which requires temporary access. Only one endpoint can be selected at a time.

3. From client actions select the temporary device access and submit.

4. Select the minutes in Allow temporary access for list & Use OTP within list and
5. Click Generate.

The OTP appears. When the client is online, click Notify and the OTP is automatically received by the client. 

Temporary access is allowed as per the settings effective from that minute. The action will be initiated on the client as per set polling interval.

6. Click Notify by Email and the email containing the OTP is automatically received by the client.

Steps to follow on Client System:

On client system, right click on Seqrite icon on system tray and click on Allow Temporary Device Access & enter OTP to allow access.

At the client side, after successful validation of the OTP, temporary device access is enabled for the specific period.

Please contact Seqrite Technical Support for more assistance.