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Seqrite Endpoint Security compatibility with Windows 11

04-10-2021 23:28:15

Microsoft has released all-new Windows 11 Operating System (OS). There are no functional issues. You may need to take some of the following actions as per your requirement.

Applicable Versions: EPS 7.3 to EPS 7.60


Following are the details on compatibility with Windows 11 OS.

1. EPS server installer fails to install IIS components automatically.
While installing EPS Server, the installer fails to install IIS components automatically.
: Users need to install the following IIS server components manually from Server Manager > Manage > Add Roles and Features.

2. Operating System name is displayed as Windows 10 in the following,

• EPS web console:
o Assets > View Details
o Reports > Assets Management
o Reports > Vulnerability Scan > View Details
o Clients > Client Status > View Status page
Note: The above issues will be addressed in the upcoming SQ EPS 7.60 builds. Users need to upgrade from EPS 7.3 / EPS 7.4 to EPS 7.60 updated build to avail fix of these issues.

3. Seqrite recommends to install Secondary Server and Patch Server on Windows 2012 R2 and later operating system.
In case, Secondary Server and Patch Management server are installed on Windows 7, Windows Server 2008, and lower operating system, the servers fail to communicate with Master EPS server installed on Windows 11 and the following symptoms might be encountered.
o Secondary Server console is not able to connect from Master Server EPS web console > Manage Secondary Servers > Status of Secondary Servers > Go to Server.
o Patch Management server is not able to add from EPS web Console > Admin Settings > Server > Patch Management > Add New Patch Server. It shows an error message ‘Patch server is unreachable. Please try later’.
For Workaround, please contact Seqrite Support Team.

4. The Case Sensitivity support will be incorporated in the upcoming version of Seqrite EPS.