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How to Apply User based Policies

09-03-2020 15:23:58

Overview :

This article describes how to apply user-based policies.

When admin needs to override Group Policy for any specific user, admin can configure User-Based Policy to the specific business requirement.

By default, User-based policy has first priority against Group Policy,

Applicable Version: 2.4 and Above


Following user-based policies can be configured in Seqrite UTM :

1. Time Quota (Not applicable to MAC/IP )

2. Internet Quota(Not applicable to MAC/IP )

3. Traffic Shaping (Not applicable to MAC/IP/user)

4. URL Categorization

5. File Size blocking

6. Keyword blocking

7. File extension blocking

Navigate to User Management > User

Select user Type

Group and Policy: Here you can able to find the option for applying policies

Please apply the policy that you have configured.

Save the rule

Note: Please refer related KB Articles for configuring policies

Please contact Seqrite Technical Support for more assistance