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How to reset Seqrite UTM to Factory defaults settings

27-02-2020 12:26:32


With the factory reset, Seqrite UTM can be rolled back to the original state in which it was shipped. You have an option to reset the interface and also remove the registration. If you choose to select Factory Reset, all Seqrite UTM Settings, User Defined Settings, and User Database Settings will be removed including interface configuration. To access the appliance, change the IP Address of the client to access the subnet, then access the Web Admin Console over LAN port E0 on

Note: It is recommended to take a backup of the Seqrite-UTM before performing a factory reset.

You can perform a Factory Reset in two ways:

  • Using the Web Admin Console
  • Using the Command Line Interface (CLI)

Applicable Version: All


Using the Web Admin Console

Logon to Seqrite UTM as Super Admin.

    • Enter Username & Password and click on Login
    • Navigate to Home / System / Factory Reset .The following screen will be displayed.

    • Select the option to reset Interface, if you want to reset the Interface settings. This will cause the loss of all IP address, gateway, and will reset to default IP address.
    • If you want to preserve the eth0 settings even if a reset is performed, place a checkmark against the option Do not reset eth0
    • Select the Remove registration option if you want to remove the registration also. You will need to register Seqrite UTM again to use it.
    • Click Factory Reset. The Seqrite UTM appliance is reset to factory settings and will have to be configured again.

    Using the Command Line Interface (CLI)

    • Open Putty and Enter LAN IP of UTM to connect UTM on SSH.

    • Click on open for initiating the connection with default port no 22.Login with username as admin and enter the password which you had set at time of UTM Registration.
    • After entering the password for admin you will get the below screen.

    • Enter Menu Number 1 and Press enter to access next screen

    • Enter Menu Number 2 and Press enter.

    • Are you sure you want to delete interfaces? (Yes/No) .If yes enter ‘Y’ and no enter ‘N’
    • Do you want to reset interface eth0? (Yes/No) .If yes enter ‘Y’ and no enter ‘N’
    • Are you sure you want to remove registration? (Yes/No) .If yes enter ‘Y’ and no enter ‘N’
    • Are you sure you want to reset device to factory default? (Yes/No) .If yes enter ‘Y’ and no enter ‘N’
    • Resetting device to factory defaults, Please wait…
    • Device is successfully reset to factory defaults.


    • Visit GUI with default IP and login credentials.

    Note: - After doing factory reset from GUI, then the browser redirects to UTM registration.

    • Connect SSH with default IP and login credentials.

    Note: After doing factory reset from CLI mode option for “manage services” is not available but after successful registration, you can find “manage services” option in CLI mode.

    Please contact Seqrite Technical Support for more assistance