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How to configure Admin Profiles in Seqrite UTM

03-03-2020 11:33:40


For UTM administration, Seqrite UTM allows you to manage your UTM appliance with Multiple administrator profiles.

The Administration page on the Seqrite UTM provides you the options for adding admin profiles, managing admin settings and SMTP settings.

Applicable Version: All

Admin Profiles

This section allows managing web Admin profiles. It provides a definition of the rights Admin user can have. You can create, edit and delete Admin profiles using this section. There are three predefined Admin profiles:

· Super Admin: This user type has full access to the portal and can make any changes in the System.

· Administrator: This user type has full access to the portal except System Setting.

· Read-only: This user type can only view everything in the web portal without being able to make any changes in the system like create, edit or delete.

Creating/Modifying Admin Profiles

  1. Logon to Seqrite UTM as Super Admin.
  2. Navigate to System > Administrators > Profile.
  3. Click + (Add) to add a new profile. The Admin profile page is displayed. To modify, select a profile from the list and click the Edit button that appears.
  4. Enter the profile name and description.
  5. Configure the access permissions as required for each module. You can set the permissions to View only or Modify.
  6. Repeat the process for other modules as required.
  7. Click Save.

Deleting Admin Profiles types

  1. Log on to Seqrite UTM as a Super Administrator.
  2. Navigate to System > Administrators > Admin Profile.
  3. Select the Admin profile that you want to delete, click Delete.

Note: Admin User whose profile type is deleted is automatically assigned rights associated with a Read-Only profile. Default Admin Profiles cannot be deleted.

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