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How to configure USB Tethering for Internet access

13-03-2020 17:14:37


USB Tethering is the process of sharing your phone's mobile data or tethering supported Modems to access the internet on the Seqrite UTM device.

Applicable version: 2.3 and above


To Add a USB tethering device for Internet connection on UTM

Connect your USB Internet Dongle to the USB port.

Navigate to Network > Interfaces.

Click ADD.

In the Type drop-down, select USB tethering.

Select the Link Check Method as required.

Enable the option for setting the default route if you want the USB based Internet connection to be the default route.

Click Apply.

Note: To set the USB tethering interface as fail-over, go to Network > Load Balancing and configure the USB tethering interface as required.

Please contact Seqrite Technical Support for more assistance