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How to access BIOS setting of UTM

19-02-2020 16:55:25 13 0


BIOS settings of Seqrite UTM can be established by accessing device on serial connection through console/serial cable (cable having a 9 pin DB supplied with the UTM appliance).

Putty is an open source SSH and Telnet client, can be used to setup the serial connection.

The BIOS is a (Basic Input/output system) is a firmware used for booting the UTM device. For UTM device to function normally, certain Hardware components like. SSD, Ram and CF card have to be working. It is the job of BIOS to ensure this.

So if you face accessing the UTM in GUI mode you can access the device BIOS for checking the Boot option priority and device date and time settings due to which the device fails to boot from OS if not set properly.

Applicable Version: All

Follow the below steps for accessing device BIOS settings:-

To setup a serial console connection between UTM Appliance and a PC, follow the Steps given below:

1. Connect one end of the cable (RJ -45) on the console port provided on the front Panel of the device. And other end of cable on serial port of desktop.

                                                      DB-9 or Serial connector

2. Launch Putty. Select connection type as serial and set Speed as 115200.

3. Click on open connection. After this restart the UTM device and press Del/Esc on Keyboard. A login screen appear as below.

4. Enter the BIOS password and you will have access to settings which is as shown. 

Please contact Seqrite Technical Support for more assistance