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How to create Guest user and its login in UTM

26-02-2020 14:54:45


This feature will enable guest user access features to your local network.

A Guest User is a non-registered user who can be given a default set of permissions to access the Internet through Seqrite UTM for a particular time duration.

After the validity of Internet access expires, the Guest user is not allowed to access the Internet. You can also set to delete the Guest user automatically.

Note: The Guest User feature will be available only if you have purchased the SMS feature.

Applicable Version: All


1. Create a Guest users group

  • Logon to Seqrite UTM as Super Admin.
  • Navigate to Home / User Management / Groups . The following screen will be displayed.

  • Click + (Add) to add a new Guest user group
  • Enter Group name & description
  • Enable guest mode
  • Set users limit for this group
  • Set user validity
  • Click Save at the bottom of this page

2. Enabling Guest User link on user logon

  • Navigate to Home / User Management / User Settings

  • Enable ‘Guest User Link’
  • Select ‘Guest Parent Group’
  • Click Save

Note: Select the desired password strength, whether Strong or Weak. If you select Strong, when creating a new user, Seqrite UTM requires a password that is at least 8 characters in length.

3. Enabling SMS notification

  • Navigate to Home / System / Notification / SMS Settings
  • Enable SMS Notification

Note: The Guest User feature will be available only if you have purchased the SMS feature.

4. Guest login

  • Open browser
  • Access login page; by default login page

Click on ‘Create Guest Account’

  • Enter username
  • Enter country Code and Mobile number
  • Check ‘I agree to Terms of Services’
  • Click on Create
  • Wait for SMS
  • Back to user login page

  • Enter Username & Password ; as mentioned in SMS
  • Click Login
  • Change password prompt will be appeared, as per configuration

  • Enter OLD password
  • Enter new password
  • Confirm new password
  • Click on Submit
  • Login again with new credential


  • Logon to Seqrite UTM as Super Admin
  • Navigate to Home / User Management/Users
  • Check Logged in users

Please contact Seqrite Technical Support for more assistance