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How-To Articles

How to Install Client using Remote Installer for Windows: EPS Cloud (UEM)

16-05-2020 14:53:43


This article Describes Remote installation method of client installation for windows

Applicable Versions: Seqrite Endpoint Security Cloud 1.X

Configuration Steps:

1. Login to Seqrite Endpoint Security Cloud console using the below URL


2. Go to Deployment > Remote installer

3. Download Remote installer named as rmclntdp.zi

4. Extract rmclntdp.zip and Run Remoteinstaller.exe.

5. We can initiate remote installation in one of the following ways:

Add endpoints by selecting from the list

Add by IP Address

6. In Add by IP address Enter the IP Address manually.

Note: IP range can also be added to initiate the mass installation

7. Click Add to add endpoints.

8. In the Add User dialog, type the User Name and Password with Administrator privilege and click OK.

9. Click Finish to add all selected endpoints to the installation list

Note: Enumerated list displays machines in the network

10. Click Install to initiate installation.

Note: Installation status will be displayed on the tool itself

Please contact Seqrite Technical Support for more assistance.