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How to configure Hawkkeye EPS Cloud Asset Management feature to display complete MS OS Product key: EPS Cloud (UEM)

27-04-2022 12:20:34

Type: External 


This KB Article will help to configure Hawkkeye EPS Cloud Asset Management feature to view the complete product key in exported reports from the Status page.

Applicable Versions: Hawkkeye EPS Cloud 1.6 and above
Applicable Operating System:
Microsoft Windows Vista and above operating systems

Configuration Steps:

1. Access the Hawkkeye EPS Cloud console and click on Configurations>Asset Management
2. Select the "OS Product key" check box

3. Click on Apply button to save the settings
4. If you don’t select this check box, only partial product key will be displayed.


- This feature is applicable only for the clients with Microsoft Windows operating system.
- The OS Product key is available only in the clients with Windows Vista and above operating systems.