Chrome Browser gives "Aw, Snap!" error while launching under Seqrite Secure Browser and Safe Banking Sandbox environment.

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This article is mainly purposed to solve “Aw, Snap!” error while launching Google Chrome browser under the Seqrite Secure Browser or Safe Banking feature.

This issue is mainly observed with below version of Google Chrome on Windows 10 operating systems only:

  1. Google Chrome 78.0.x 
  2. Google Chrome 79.0.x 
  3. Microsoft Edge Chromium 78.0.x
  4. Microsoft Edge Chromium 79.0.x

 Please see below screenshot for the reference;



Cause of this issue: 

 In above mentioned versions of Google Chrome (chrome.exe), Microsoft's Code Integrity feature is enabled. And due to that Seqrite Sandbox and Safe banking technology is not compatible with this feature in Chrome.


Steps to resolve the issue:

In order to get rid of this issue, we need to follow below steps;


1. Right-click on the Google Chrome shortcut present on the desktop and click on “Open File Location” as shown in below screenshot.


2. By clicking on “Open File Location”, you will be redirected to the Google Chrome executable path then Right click on ‘chrome.exe’ and select ‘Properties’ option as shown in below image;



3. Click on “Compatibility” option under property sheet window as shown in below image. 


4. Under the “Compatibility mode” and select the checkbox “Run this program in compatibility mode forWindows 8" option to be selected. This setting will allow you to use the Browser Sandbox and Safe banking application on the system.


5. If you have the system where Multiple Users used to be log in then you need to apply these setting for all users as well as shown in below.

            A. Click on “Change settings for all users” from chrome properties as shown in below Image.


            B. Select the checkbox “Run this program in compatibility mode for Windows 8" option . This setting will allow you to use the Browser Sandbox and Safe banking application on the system for all the users which are logged in.As shown in below screenshot; 



7. Click Apply and OK of Compatibility.

8. Relaunch/Reopen Google chrome to solve this problem.

Please contact Seqrite Technical Support for more assistance.


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