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Web Filtering not working _ proxy environment

02-04-2020 12:15:33


This article is describe how to configure SEPS web filtering in proxy environment or what steps need to be verify if websites are getting accessible through browser even after configured blocked in SEPS by Web Security.

Symptoms: Restricted websites getting accessible

Cause: Internet Access through Proxy Application OR Proxy configured of Hardware Firewall/UTM , Unwanted Extension installed in browsers.


1) Internet Access through Proxy Application

→Check CCProxy or any other Proxy Software implemented for Internet access.'

→ Verify Seqrite EPS communication ports, IP address allowed in CCProxy for Policy enforcement.

→ Following URL's to be allowed or excluded in Proxy application/UTM/Firewall.

=> http://prourl.itsecure.co.in:8080/URLCategorizerService/URLCategorize

=> http://encurl.itsecure.co.in:8080/URLCategorizerService/URLCategorize

=> http://klassify.itsecure.co.in:8080/URLCategorizerService/URLCategorize

=> http://prourl.itonlinesecure.in:8080/URLCategorizerService/URLCategorize

=> http://encurl.itonlinesecure.in:8080/URLCategorizerService/URLCategorize

All above URLs should be accessible from client system .

Note: Websites will not be blocked if you are using 'CCProxy' Internet Proxy, Version 6.0 or higher.

2) Proxy Configured of Hardware firewall

→ Verify proper proxy settings entered in browsers in Internet Explorer(Image-2). same settings applicable for Google chrome.

Go to tools(Alt + x)->Internet Options->Connections->LAN Settings->check highlighted red marks as per below snap.

→ If you got the default proxy setting in Internet Explorer & Mozilla, verify with run as administrator.

3) Unwanted /suspicious Extension installed in browser

→ Remove unknown/unwanted proxy add-ons/extension from Google chrome’s extension.

→ Remove unknown/unwanted proxy add-ons/extension from Mozilla Firefox extension.

→ Remove unknown/unwanted proxy Add-ons from Internet Explorer Add-ons.

Go to tools(Alt + x)->Internet Options->Manage Add-ons

Please contact Seqrite Technical Support for more assistance