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How-To Articles

How to create a Windows Seqrite Client packager?

01-04-2020 17:29:10

To create a Windows Seqrite Client packager, follow these steps:

1. On the Seqrite Endpoint Security server, go to Start > Seqrite EPS Console > Client Packager

2. In Client Agent Packager list,select Custom.

3. If Minimal is selected, then the validity period check box is enabled, but other options on the page gets disabled. The validity period check box helps you to provide a stipulated number of days to use the installer. After the validity period, the installer expires.

4. The Minimal option is selected to send the Client Packager outside the organizational network through email. The Client Packager created with installer cannot be sent through email because of its huge size.

5. In OS platform select Windows.

6. Select the setup type (EXE/MSI) from Setup type list as per requirement.

7. Specify if you want to include antivirus setup in Client Packager by selecting Yes or No.

8. Click Browse to specify the folder path where you want to save Seqrite Client Packager.

9. Click Create and wait for a while, Client Packager will be created in the specified location.

10. Execute the Client packager on the Client systems where you wish to install Seqrite Clients.

Please contact Seqrite Technical Support for more assistance.