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How to schedule internet access to users using EPS policy

28-04-2022 00:12:10


This article will help an Administrator to schedule internet access on the client system using the Seqrite EPS policy.

Applicable Versions: EPS Business, EPS Total, EPS Enterprise Suite.


Step 1: Log in to EPS console and go to Clients > Manage policy. Open the particular policy where you wish to configure schedule internet access (Figure 1):

Figure 1

Step 2:  Once the policy is opened, Go to the 'Web Security tab' (Figure 2):

Figure 2

Step 3: Scroll down and enable the tick ‘Schedule Internet Access’. Then select the option ‘Restrict Internet Access’ (Figure 3):

Figure 3

Step 4: After that click on Add button (Figure 4):

Figure 4

Step 5: On the newly opened window, select the day and time you wish to Restrict the internet access (Figure 5):

Figure 5

Step 6: Schedule will be added and the internet will get restricted accordingly for that particular time (Figure 6):

Figure 6

Step 7: To add multiple entries for other days, repeat steps 4 and 5. To delete the entries select the entry and click on the delete button.