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How to create MAC Client Packager to install Seqrite client on Mac-based Endpoints

02-04-2020 22:15:28


This article will help to understand installation of Seqrite Endpoint Security Clients on Mac-based Endpoints.


To Deploy Seqrite clients on MAC system we need to create a Mac Seqrite Client package first.


1. Download the Latest Mac Client build from any one of the following links:

Note: The mclsetp.7z file can be downloaded to any location in the EPS server system.

2. On the Seqrite Endpoint Security server, go to Start > All Programs/All Apps > Seqrite EPS Console > Client Packager.

3. In the Client Agent Package list, select Custom.

4. In the OS platform list, select Mac.

5. Specify whether you want to include Anti-virus setup in Client Packager by selecting Yes or No from Anti-virus setup included list.

  • Select Yes if you want to include the anti-virus setup in Client Packager. However, you cannot distribute this installer through email. It can be used for client installation in local network.
  • Select No if you do not want to include the anti-virus setup in Client Packager. This installer can be distributed through email. It can be used for roaming client installation.

6. Browse the path of the folder wherever the build, i.e., mclsetp.7z is downloaded.

7. Select validity as 30, 60, 90 or 180 days as per the requirement. Else, uncheck the validity check box to disable the validity.

If the packager is created with validity, the packager will expire after the specified time period and the administrator will have to create new packager for further installation.

8. Click Create.

  • If you select Yes to include anti-virus in the client packager, a MCCLAGAV.TAR file is created in the ACMAC folder.
  • If you select No to create the client packager without anti-virus, a MCCLAGNT.TAR file is created in the ACMAC folder.

9. Copy and extract the above created TAR file on the MAC endpoint you need to install and Run the MCLAGNT.DMG file from the extracted folder to install Seqrite EPS MAC Client.


For roaming endpoints with MAC OS, only Custom client packager can be used for installing Endpoint Security client.

Please contact Seqrite Technical Support for more assistance.