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How to install Seqrite client through Remote Install?

02-04-2020 15:37:16

This feature allows you to deploy Seqrite client on all supported Windows operating systems (OS). You can also install Seqrite client on multiple endpoints at a time. Before proceeding with Remote Install, it is recommended that you go through the following requirements and changes:

Exception Rules

->On Windows Vista and later operating systems, remote installation is possible only with ‘Built-in Administrator’ account. To enable ‘Built-in Administrator’ account on endpoints running Windows Vista (or later), follow these steps:

1) Open Command Prompt in administrative mode.

2) Type ‘net user administrator /active: yes’ and press Enter.

3) Change the password of ‘Built-in Administrator’ from Control Panel > User Accounts.

->For remote installation of Seqrite Endpoint Security Client on Windows XP Professional Edition, follow these steps:

1) Open My Computer.

2) Go to Tools > Folder.

3) Click the View tab.

4) Clear the option Use simple file sharing.

5) Click Apply and then click OK.

Remote installation of Seqrite is not supported on Windows XP Home Edition. To install the Seqrite client on Windows XP Home Edition, other methods of installation can be used, such as; Notify Install, Login Script, and Client Packager provided in Seqrite Endpoint Security.

Remote Install is not supported with the users having blank passwords on Windows XP and later operating systems.

To install Seqrite Client on the computers which are under Domain Controller, specify the user name in 'DOMAINNAME\User Name' format where DOMAINNAME is the name of the Domain Controller and User Name is the name of the Domain Administrator.

For Remote Install, follow these steps:

1) Log on to the Seqrite Endpoint Security Web console.

2) Go to Clients > Client Deployment > Remote Install.

The Remote Install page opens.

3) You can initiate remote installation in any one of the following ways:

-> Remote Installation by computers

(i) Under Network Places, select an endpoint, and then click Add. You can select multiple number of endpoints. You can also search an endpoint by the Find computer utility.

Any endpoint in your network can be searched without enumerating the network.

For adding an endpoint you are required to provide the user credentials of the target endpoint, having administrator rights.

(ii) On the Enter Network Password dialog, type the user credentials of the target endpoint and then click OK.

Repeat these steps for all the endpoints that you have selected.

If the entered user credentials are correct, the target endpoints appear in the endpoints selected to protect list.

In case, if you forget or provide an incorrect user credentials of an endpoint, you can click the Skip button and move to the next endpoint and provide its user credentials.

-> Remote Installation by IP Address

(i) Click the Add by IP Address button (you need not select any computer from the Network Places list).

(ii) On the Add Computer by IP Address dialog, select either of the following options:

Add by IP Address Range: If you select this option, you must provide a range of IP Addresses in the Start IP Address option and the End IP Address option. This is helpful if you want to install the Seqrite client on a number of endpoints which are available in serial IP Address range at one go.

Add by IP Address: If you select this option, you need to provide the IP Address of the target endpoint.

Once you have entered the IP Address, click Next.

4) For all the endpoints on which you want to install the client, you must provide the user credentials using the User Accounts option.

5) For User Accounts under Add Computer by IP Address, click Add.

The Add User dialog appears.

6) On the Add User dialog, type the user credentials and then click OK.

Repeat this for all the computers on which you want to install the client.

7) On the User Accounts list, click Finish.

All the endpoints are added to the Endpoints selected to protect the list.

8) Click Install.

The installation status of Seqrite client agents can be viewed through View Installation Status link.


The Remote Install feature is available only in the clients with Windows operating systems.

Remote Install is not supported through roaming service

Please contact Seqrite Technical Support for more assistance.