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How to configure policy to restrict internet access for Endpoints as per schedule

02-04-2020 00:00:24

To schedule internet access from policy, follow the below steps:

1.Log on to the Seqrite Endpoint Security Web console

2. Go to Clients->Manage policy tab.

3. Click on the policy where schedule internet access has to be configured.

4. Go to Web security.

5. Under Web Security, select the Schedule Internet Access check box and do the following:

6. Restrict internet access.

7. Click on “Add” to add the schedule.

8. “Add Time Interval” dialog appear, Select the Start at and End at hours and click OK.

E.g. : If internet access has to be restricted between 10 AM to 6 PM, then configure Start time and End time in 2 slots

Slot 1 : Start time : 18hrs End time : 00 Hrs

Slot 2 : Start time : 00hrs End time : 10 Hrs

9. Click ‘Save Policy’.

Please contact Seqrite Technical Support for more assistance.