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How to install Seqrite Endpoint Security Server Console – EPS Version 8.1 Console

21-02-2023 20:23:07

Overview: This document describes the standard steps to Install Seqrite Endpoint Security 8.1 Console.

System Requirements:

Please refer below link to ensure you have adequate system requirements in place to begin with Installation.

Steps to install Seqrite EPS 8.1 Console Server :

To install Seqrite Endpoint Security Server console, follow these steps:

1. Download the setup of Seqrite Endpoint Security Server Console from the following link:

2. Enter the 20-digit product key and click Submit to download the setup/installer.

3. Click on ‘Download for CentOS 7.5’. ESP console Setup file ‘’ will be downloaded.

4. Open the terminal on your Linux endpoint and log in as a root user.

5.Execute the Installer file by typing the following command:


    6. Welcome screen of EPS 8.1 set up wizard will appear, click Start to continue.

    7. Read the License Agreement carefully. Click on Yes, I Agree to accept the license agreement.

    8. The Installation types appear. Type one of the following options.

    · Single Node Installation
    · Distributed Installation

      In case of installing all Seqrite EPS component on same machine select – Single Node Installation.
      In case of installing all Seqrite EPS Server component and Data base components across two distributed Machine select – Distributed Installation.

      After selecting Click Next.

      9.Enter the 20-digit Product Key and click Submit to download the setup/installer.

      • If you select, I will enter Product Key after Installation, the installation of Seqrite Endpoint Security will be done. But you must provide the Product Key when you logon for the first time to the Seqrite Endpoint Security console. The Product Key activates the Seqrite Endpoint Security product.
      • If you select, I have Product Key, enter Product key carefully. The Product Key will be validated. The success message appears.

      10. The Customer Information screen appears. Type information about the customer step by step. This information is important to activate Seqrite EPS on your machine. After Entering all the details, click on Next.

      Note: In Mobile No. Please enter the country code and ‘–‘. Example is given for India.

      11. The Setup will install Seqrite Endpoint Security in the default folder. The folder path appears. Available and required disk space is calculated automatically and the figures are displayed.
      To continue click on Next.

      12. The Server Configuration screen appears.
      Select IP Address from the list.
      Default values of HTTP Port and SSL Port appears.
      To continue with default values, Click Next.
      Else type the port values and test port number connections. Click Next.

      13. If you select, Distributed Installation in step 5, then only Distributed Server Configuration screen appears. Else, the Proxy Settings screen appears, go to step 8.
      Type IP address of another system which has to be Cent OS with same configuration as EPS installation server system.
      Test the connection. And click on Next.

      14. The Proxy Settings screen appears. If you are using a proxy server to connect to the Internet.
      Enter the details and click on Next.

      15. The Authentication screen appears.

      Set Seqrite Endpoint Security administrator password to access the Web Console.

      Set Endpoint Password to access the endpoint settings at the endpoint side.

      Click on Next.

      16. The installation summary screen appears.

      17. The installation process starts.

      18. Success screen appears. Click on Finish.

      19. You can open the EPS console from the Applications.

      20. You will need to enter the product key for the first time in case you have selected ‘I will enter Product Key after Installation’ in point 9. Click on activate.
      After Activation is successful, click on Login.
      After which EPS console login page will get opened.

      21. Enter the email ID and Password to login to the EPS console.

      Please contact Seqrite Technical Support for more assistance.