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How to change the End Point Security Server in same network ?

03-04-2020 01:14:34


1. Install Seqrite EPS 7.2 to the other/New system.

2. Activate it.

3. After the completion of Seqrite Endpoint Security 7.2 installation, login to the existing Seqrite Endpoint Web Console and follow the below-mentioned steps:

From Dashboard, Go to Admin Settings > Redirection

Enter the following details :

Server Name/IP: Enter System name or IP address of the New Endpoint security Server

Port number: 5052

4. Redirection Types:

The existing Endpoint Security Clients can be re-directed to new Endpoint Security 7.2 in three ways but only two ways are useful while redirected clients when change server with same Seqrite EPS Console Server :

I ) Redirect all Clients:

In this method, all the clients are pushed to redirect to the new Endpoint Security Server. Once the command is applied, all the existing clients start redirecting to the new Seqrite EPS Console.

II )Redirect selected clients (recommended for large Networks):

In this method of redirection, only the selected clients will be redirected to new Endpoint Security Server. Once the command is applied, only the selected clients start redirecting to the newer one.

Method for Redirect Selected clients ( Select Clients )

Click on Redirect Selected clients ( Select Clients )

Click OK.

Click Apply.

5.After redirection completed you can see the existing EPS clients in New Seqrite EPS console.

Note- If you are having older version of EPS you can redirect clients with following default port

End Point Security version and default port numbers

End Point Security version

Default Port Number

EPS 6.0


EPS 6.1


EPS 6.2


EPS 6.3


EPS 6.4


EPS 7.0


EPS 7.1


Please contact Seqrite Technical Support for more assistance.