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Seqrite Endpoint Security Version 8.1 : How to reset web console password

14-03-2023 19:29:17

This article describes the step-by-step process to reset web console password of the User and Super Admin to log on to Seqrite Endpoint Security (EPS).

Here you will understand how to reset the password of a user from Login Window or from the User Page. How to reset the password of Super Admin also.

Applicable Version: Seqrite Endpoint Security 8.1

Resetting password of User from Login Window

To reset the password of a user, follow these steps:

  1. In the Seqrite Account Login window, enter Email address of the user.
  2. Click Forgot Password? Link.

3. The Email verification window appears. Verify the email address and click Recover password.

3. Password reset request is sent to the Super Admin. This message appears.

A confirmation message appears.

4. Password reset request as shown below is sent to the Super Admin.

5.Click Sign in link. You are redirected to EPS log on page.

6. Log on Seqrite Endpoint Security as Super Admin. 

7. On the Seqrite console, go to Alerts icon > Notification.

8. The Reset Password request prompt as shown below appears.

    9. Click Change Password. The Change password dialog appears.

    10. In the change password dialog, enter New Password and Confirm Password.

      11. Click Change Password.
      You can log on to the EPS Web console with the new password.

      Resetting password of User from User page

      To Reset the Web console password from the User Page, follow these steps:

      1. Log on to the Seqrite Endpoint Security.
      2. Go to User. The Users page appears displaying a list of users.

      3. Click the Change Password link of the user for which you want to change the password. The Change Password dialog appears.
      4. Enter new password. Enter the new password again to confirm.
      5. Click Change Password.

        The password of the user is changed. You can log on the Web console with new password.

        Resetting the Web console password for Super Admin

        1. To reset the Web console password for Super Admin, a Password Reset tool is used. The

        2. User should have administrative privilege on the machine where EPS is installed.

        3. To reset the password for Super Admin, follow these steps:

        4. Open the terminal / Go to command prompt and go to Path: /opt/Seqrite_EndPoint_Security/tools/

        5. Execute the following command to run the Password Reset tool,

        6. sh resetpassword.sh

        7. Type the new password. Confirm the new password by typing the same password again.

        8. The password will be changed.

        9. You can log on the Web console with new password.

        Please contact Seqrite Technical Support for more assistance.