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How to Perform Vulnerability Scan in Seqrite EPS

11-04-2022 12:55:19

Overview: This article will help an Administrator to understand Vulnerability Scan and to get the Reports with respect to Vulnerabilities on the Windows Systems.

Applicable OS: Windows

Step 1: Login to Seqrite EPS Console and go to Clients > Client Action > Vulnerability Scan (See Figure 1):

Figure 1

Step 2: In Vulnerability Scan wizard, Click on ‘Scan Settings’ and select desire settings (Figure 2):

Figure 2

Step 3: Select Endpoints from list and click on ‘Notify Start Scan’ (See Figure 3):

Figure 3

Step 4: Wait for some time (around 20-25 minutes) to complete the Vulnerability Scan.

Step 5: After some time go to Reports section to check the vulnerability Reports (See Figure 4):

Figure 4

Note: You must provide the endpoint name to generate the Vulnerability Reports.

Step 6: Once you provide desire Endpoint Name and click on ‘Generate’, Venerability Reports will displayed with respect to that Endpoint (See Figure 5):

Figure 5

Administrator can go through the references available in Vulnerability Details to address those vulnerabilities.