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How to Configure Advance Device Control 8.X version

03-10-2023 00:04:19

How to Configure Advance Device Control 8.X version

Description: This article helps you to Configure Advance Device Control in policies for EPS 8.X console

Applicable Versions: Version EPS 8.X

Steps to configure the Advance Device Control


1. Login to Seqrite EPS Console dashboard, then click on " Policies

2. Click on "Manage Policies"

3. Enter the Policy name & provide its description. Click on Create.

4. Click on “Advanced Device Control” option

5. Click on “Advanced Device Control” & then click on “Storage Devices”

Then you can be able to configure (Allow/Block/Read Only) for storage devices as per your requirement.
For Example: If you want to block all storage devices, except Internal CD/DVD. Please see below picture:

6. Then click on “Save” to save configured policy then it will ask you to provide the password for client settings:

7. You can verify configured policy status by click on “Policies”

8. After saving policy, if you need to add USB devices in exception, Click on Configuration.

9. To add Devices in exception from the blocking. Click on Configuration -> Device Control.
Click on Add Devices. Select the type of device to put in exception list. The following list displays devices which can be added to the exceptions list

10. After the device is added. Go to respective policy – Advanced Device Control. Drag the page down, drop down the Exception option. Add the Device which you need to put it exception. Save the policy

Please contact Seqrite Technical Support for more assistance.