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How to Configure Static Routing in UTM.

18-02-2020 23:25:25


Static routing helps to define explicit paths between two routers and is not updated automatically. You must manually reconfigure the static route whenever network changes occur.

The Static Route feature on Seqrite UTM allows you to configure a route using which Seqrite UTM can use to forward the packets to a particular destination. A static route causes packets to be forwarded to a destination using a gateway other than the configured default gateway. Using Seqrite UTM, you can add or delete the routes. If you set the route to OFF, then that static route is currently removed from the device’s routing tables.

Applicable Version: All


In this scenario, we want to access PC from PC. Therefore, we need to create a static route on UTM as per below settings.


Adding a Static Route

     1. Navigate to Network > Routing > Static Route. The Static Routing page is displayed which displays the list of added routes.

     2. Click the+ (Add) icon to add a route. The following page is displayed.

3. Select the Status as “On”

4. Enter the Name of the new static route.

5. Configure “the destination / target IP” using the Network IP field. You can browse, add, or delete, the Network definitions using the designated icons.

6. Configure the next hop in the route using the Gateway field. You can browse, add, or delete the Network definitions using the designated icons.

7. Select the Interface for the routing table through which you want the packets to be transmitted.

8. Enter the Metric value. Metric depicts the administrative distance for a route. Default metric for static route is 1. This value allows the router to decide a priority for a type of routing.

9.  Click Apply. The new route is displayed in the list with the operational status.

10. After the Route is created and displayed in static route section.

11. You can test the by pinging the IP

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