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How to Reset the Seqrite UTM Graphical User Interface (GUI) password from Command Line Interface (CLI)

21-05-2022 00:17:13


Overview: This article will provide you solution on how to reset the password of the Seqrite UTM GUI using the CLI option. Whenever the UTM GUI password has to be reset due to any reason the only option is to reset it from CLI. For resetting the password you should have the CLI password with you.

CLI username default is admin.

Step 1: Open the putty application and select SSH. Enter the UTM LAN IP and SSH port 22 and click OPEN. In this example UTM LAN IP is

It will ask you to login with the CLI username and password. Username will be admin. Password is the one which you had set earlier.

Step 2: Once you login to CLI. You will get 4 option as defined in the snapshot. enter numerical 1 and click on enter.

You will get the option as mentioned in below snapshot. Enter numerical 4 and press enter.

You will get the option as mentioned in snapshot. Enter numerical 2 and press enter.

type in Y and enter. The password will get reset.

The GUI password has been reset to default which is admin@123.

You can go back to GUI page and enter the default password and you will be able to login. You will get the prompt to change the password from default to new password which you would like to keep as mentioned in the snapshot.

Please contact Seqrite Technical Support for more assistance.