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How to upgrade firmware version manually in Seqrite UTM

04-03-2020 11:40:06


This article shows how to manually upgrade the firmware version of the Seqrite UTM device.


  1. Verify the Seqrite UTM has a valid support subscription.
  2. Schedule a maintenance window, the device will reboot during the upgrade.
  3. Create a backup of the device.

Applicable version: All


Manual up-gradation process:

This method helps you to upgrade the firmware version without an internet connection with UTM.

In this case, you need to download the upgrade package from the Seqrite website and upload it to the UTM, The upgrade process would take around 25-30 minutes.

1. Visit the following URL https://www.seqrite.com/seqrite-offline-product-upgrades/

2. Select the Seqrite Unified Threat Management (UTM) product version.

3. Click on the download button and download the file on your machine.


Please select one higher firmware version than the current one for example: If UTM is in 2.1 then first go for 2.2 and then 2.3

4. Login to Seqrite Unified Threat Management (UTM) using the admin credentials.

5. Go to the System → Firmware Upgrade page. In the Offline Upgrade section, click on the browse button.

6. Select the “.enc” file downloaded in step 3.

7. Click on Upload.

8. After the upload process is over, the upgrade details are listed in the Firmware list. In the Actions

list for that entry, Install Now and Install Later options are displayed.

9. You can choose any of the options for installation as per your requirement.

10. Click on Continue:

11. Click on continue to proceed:

12. Select on full Device configuration and click on update.

13. The update will start. It will take 25-30 minutes for the process to complete.

Once the update is completed and shows 100% Login to Seqrite Unified Threat Management (UTM) using the admin credentials and check for UTM version on Dashboard -> Device Information to check the updated version.

Please contact Seqrite Technical Support for more assistance.