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How to create bootable pen drive for UTM OS installation

11-05-2021 18:32:41


Before going for UTM OS installation we need to create bootable pendrive with UTM OS. Here I have demonstrated one method of creating bootable pendrive by using rufus software.

After creating a bootable Pendrive one can proceed with fresh OS installation in UTM.

You can download Rufus by visiting the below link.


System requirements for Rufus:

- Windows 7 or later ( 32 or 64 bit )

- It works with ISO image only

Applicable Versions:

UTM OS version - Any (iso image only).

UTM Model - Any


1.Insert the USB flash drive

2.Launch Rufus with admin rights.

3. It will detect the USB drive automatically. If there are multiple drives connected then select the appropriate from “Device” list.

4.Change volume label if required

5.Click the optical drive button next to the “Create a bootable disk using” checkbox. You'll be prompted to search for the ISO image.

Select the correct iso image of UTM OS.

Rufus will automatically modify the settings to best match it.

Click the “Start” button to begin the process.

You'll be prompted with a warning that all data on the pendrive will be destroyed. Click "OK" to proceed..

Depending on the ISO image size, the process may take several minutes to complete.

When completed, check the external drive to verify the files were copied over.

When the process completed, simply eject the pen drive.

Insert it into the UTM USB port to boot UTM through this pen drive.