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How to do offline registration in UTM

26-02-2020 18:44:24


This article would guide you to register SEQRITE-UTM in offline mode where the internet connection is not available on WAN interface . Registration is mandatory to use SEQRITE-UTM Features.

Applicable Version: All


Access UTM with IP (on supported web browser*). This is the default IP address assigned to UTM post-installation. Make sure you do not have any other device with the same IP as this. Log in as ‘admin’ with password ‘admin@123’

    • Default IP:
    • Default Username:admin
    • Default Password:admin@123 || *Supported Browser: IE,Mozilla,Chrome


    The License Agreement screen is the first screen that appears when you logon to Seqrite UTM for the first time.

    After login, the registration wizard would appear

    Click I Agree to agree to the User License Agreement.
    Click Next to continue.


      On the Interface screen of the Registration Wizard, the list of interfaces present is displayed. You can either edit a listed interface or add a new one.

      Click Next to go to the next step that is DNS configuration.


      This step allows you to override the default Domain Name Server settings. You can enter the DNS provided by the ISP, or the DNS that you want to use.

      • Click the + (Add) icon to add a DNS server.
      • Enter DNS Name, IP address in the corresponding fields and click Save. The DNS is added in the list.
      • Click Next.

      Note: The DNS list cannot be blank. There should be at least one DNS entry. There will be a default entry present i.e.,


      You must change the default appliance password for the web and CLI interface. The default password for both web console and CLI access is admin@123.

      • Enter the old (default) password for accessing Web interface, enter a new password, confirm the password and click Submit. The new password is saved.
      • Enter the old (default) password for accessing the CLI interface, enter a new password, confirm the password and click Submit. The new password is saved.
      • Next time you log in to the Web or CLI interface of Seqrite UTM uses the new password.
      • Click on Next


      The Date and Time screen displays the current date and time of the appliance and allows you to configure the Date and Time as per different geographical regions. You can also synchronize the Date and time from an NTP server.

      You can set Date & Time using one of the following two ways:

      1. Manual: Select this option to set the date and time using the date and time pickers or
      2. Synchronize with NTP server: Select this option to synchronize the appliance time automatically with a predefined NTP server ( & or add a new NTP server.

      Click Sync Now to sync the appliance clock with the listed NTP servers. The time will be synchronized with the NTP server having the least time difference.

      • Select the Time Zone according to the geographical region in which the Seqrite UTM is deployed.
      • Select the time format, date format, and the first working day of the week.
      • Click Save to save the changes.
      • Click Next.

      6. Offline registration:

      If an Internet connection is not available, you can register your Seqrite UTM appliance offline also. You will need the product key to perform offline registration:

      • Click Next.

      Select your product:

      Step1: Fill registration form and click on submit button:

      Step 2: Fill registration form and click on submit button:

      Download the key from license server:

      Save the key in your local storage

      Return back to registration wizard and upload the key by clicking on "Browse" button and click on next:

      Then click on Finish

      Verification :

      After successful activation , navigate to License > Status to verify the license status.

      Please contact Seqrite Technical Support for more assistance