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How to set up Dynamic Domain Name System (DDNS) in UTM.

18-02-2020 23:25:25


Dynamic Domain Name System (DDNS) helps to link a domain name to changing IP addresses. This service is provided by a DDNS service provider for e.g. Dyndns. The DDNS service provider contacts the DNS service at a specified time interval for the changed IP address and subsequently updated the DNS database to reflect the change in IP address. In this way, even though a domain name's IP address is changed by the ISP you do not have to remember the changed IP address in order to access the domain.

Applicable Version: 2.4 and Above

The Dynamic DNS Feature in Seqrite UTM allows you to configure the DDNS account that you have purchased from the DDNS service provider and bind it to a WAN interface.


In this scenario we want to access the UTM from outside network, but we don’t have a Static Public IP on device. Therefore, we can achieve our goal using the Dynamic Domain Name System (DDNS) feature provided on UTM


1. Navigate to Network > DNS > Dynamic DNS. The following screen is displayed.

2. Ensure that the Dynamic DNS is enabled.

3. Select the WAN Interface. This is the WAN interface that you have configured in the Interface section.

4. Select the IP Update Interval in minutes. Seqrite UTM will re-sync the DNS and check whether there is any change in IP address and update accordingly after the configured time interval.

5. Select your DDNS service provider.

6. Enter the Host Name that is the fully qualified domain name (FQDN) provided by the Dynamic DNS service provider. 

    For example

7. Enter the Login User ID and Password of your DDNS account. (You need to create account on DDNS websites in this case, we have already created DDNS account on

8. Click Apply.

9. For verifying working of DDNS, you can access on this FQDN link on any browser to access UTM from internet.  You will get UTM access as shown below.

Or we can also ping to this FQDN as given below:

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