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How to configure Keyword-based Email Blocking

03-03-2020 11:47:04


Email content filtering performed on the body and subject of an email helps provide an in-depth approach to email filtering.

Encoded content can be used to hide malicious commands that may control the communications originating and intended for the network.

For example, a command to an implant can be encoded and inserted into the email’s body. If such encoded content is detected the email should be blocked.

The keyword blocking feature will identify the string of characters like a word, number, or acronym which may be present in the subject or body of the email and used for malicious communications.

Applicable Version: All


1. Navigate to Security > Mail Protection > Keyword Blocking. The following screen is displayed.

2. Toggle the Keyword blocking status button to enable the feature.

3. In the Scan Mail section, you can enable scanning for incoming or outgoing mails or both.

4. Select the action to the taken on the mail if defined keywords found. You can choose to send original as it is or does not deliver an option.

5. In the Subject tag field, enter the subject title for the mail. This will be appended to the mail and sent to the recipient. For. E.g. Keyword Matched.

6. In the Notification Settings section, select the Send Notification option to send a notification to the administrator. The option for sending the original email as an attachment is selected by default.

7. In the Notification subject text box, you can add a Notification Subject, for e.g. " Mail Protection: Keyword-Blocking", this text will be appended to the subject line of the mail.

8. Click Apply to save the configuration.

Adding keywords to the blocking list

1. Navigate to Security > Mail Protection > Keyword Blocking.

2. In the Keywords section, click + (Add) to add keywords that need to be checked in emails for blocking

3. Enter the name of the list, the keywords that need to be checked for blocking the mail and the matching options, whether starts with, ends with, complete word, or contains the keywords.

4. Select the option to enable case sensitive check if required.

5. Click Apply to save the keywords configuration.

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