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How to install Seqrite UTM firmware using console cable

13-03-2020 17:29:23


You can install Seqrite UTM Firmware using a serial console connection between Seqrite UTM and a PC or laptop.

Applicable Version: All


Desktop with CPU having serial port or laptop.

Console cable

USB adapter (in case if a laptop is used)

Hyper Terminal / Putty

CD / DVD ROM / Pen-drive / USB Drive

Seqrite UTM Firmware ISO image.


To install UTM Firmware (e.g. v 2.4), you need a bootable USB/DVD drive. A bootable USB drive could be created by writing the firmware (2.4) ISO to the USB drive using tools such as Rufus.

Once you have the bootable USB drive ready, plug it in the USB port of UTM, attach a console cable.

Make the connections as shown in the diagram:

Launch a serial client on your desktop/laptop. You can use the following serial clients :

For Windows: putty or teraterm.

    For Linux: putty, minicom.

When you connect the Seqrite UTM using a console cable, make the following settings.
Select the Connection type as Serial and click OK.

Go to Setup > Serial port.

Set Baud rate to 115200.

Now Power On the UTM. You would see the screen as below:

To select USB drive as first boot priority, hit button 'Delete' to enter into BIOS. Enter the BIOS password shared separately.

In BIOS, Go to Boot -> Hard Disk Drive 

Choose the USB drive as the bootable drive 

Save the changes and Exit.
Now reboot the device and you should see the installation menu. Options seen are Hardware Type, Brand, Language, Time zone and Storage device : 

Select the hardware type. For example, for T2S-20 device choose, T2S20 option.

Now go to ‘Select a Brand’ and choose Seqrite to install Seqrite UTM 

Now choose ‘Select a Language’ and select English.

Go to Select a Time zone and select Asia/Kolkata for the Indian time zone. 

Choose ‘Select a storage device’ and select option who has prefix ATA for System 

Select the same ATA device for Logs and Reports too. The screen would like the following for devices with Adata. 

Note that devices with Cactus CF would have ‘ATA-CACTUS’ while those with Sandisk (Old devices) would have ‘ATA-Sandis’ (not supported anymore) as the option. For T2M-250 with Intel SSDs, it would be ATA-Intel.

Click on Done to exit from the storage device menu. Verify all the values selected. Now select Start Installation.

After installation is done, UTM will reboot and once again will go to UTM installation menu (As boot device priority remains the same for USB). Once you see the menu, select on Quit. You would error for eject command saying ‘unable to find or open device for: cdrom’. Ignore this message.

After selecting Quit, message will be visible as 'Pane is dead'. Now turn off the UTM, remove USB and restart the UTM. You will see the screen as follows:
Wait till UTM reboot two times and then login prompt will appear.

Once the login screen is visible, login as admin to change the IP address from the default if required.

To register a device, connect Ethernet cable to eth0 and access UTM with IP This is a default IP address assigned to UTM post-installation.
  Make sure you do not have any other device with the same IP as this.

Supported Devices

Following hardware devices are supported in 2.x
• T1S
• T1M
• T1E *
• T2S-5
• T2S-10
• T2S20
• T2S-30C
• T2S-30
• T2S-60
• T2M-100
• T2M-250
• T2E-500
• NGS-130
• T1E 10 port device although supported, requires an extra step of manually rebooting
the device once after the installation is over.

Select the Connection type as Serial and click OK.

Please contact Seqrite Technical Support for more assistance