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How to configure Traffic shaping policy in Seqrite UTM

27-05-2022 18:04:17


Overview: We can limit the users internet speed by using traffic shaping policy in Seqrite UTM.

*Note : Traffic shaping policy is only applicable to groups. It cannot be applied to individual users.

There are two types of policies available, Shared and Individual

a) Individual Policy - In this policy, all users in the group to whom this policy is applied will receive the specified bandwidth based on available speed from ISP

b) Shared Policy - In this policy, all the members of the group to which this policy is applied will share the specified bandwidth assigned based on available speed from IS

1. Login to UTM and Navigate to "Policy" > "Traffic Shaping".

2. Click the "+" (Add) icon to add a new policy.

In this section we can configure maximum upload and download limits for groups.

1. Enter the name for the policy.
2. Select the type of policy, whether Shared or Individual.
3. Select the Maximum Upload and Download bandwidth from the drop-down list. You can also select "Custom" to specify the required bandwidth.

In this section, we can configure the upload and download limits for HTTP, HTTPS protocols and VPN site to site connection.

1) Enter required minimum and maximum upload and download bandwidth under HTTP, HTTPS and VPN.
2) Click "Save" to save the policy configurations.
3) Now Go to user management > Home / User Management / Groups / 

4) Select group on which you want to apply and enable traffic shaping and apply policy and Save group configuration 

Please contact Seqrite Technical Support for more assistance.