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How to configure WIFI in Seqrite NGS130 Wireless (NGS130W) Appliance

12-07-2021 19:34:41


NGS130W is a new hardware model which contains an inbuilt single band WiFi chipset. The radio operates in 2.4GHz band and supports 802.11n. In this document, we show all the configurations that are required to setup the WiFi and have users connect to it.

Applicable Versions: UTMv2.6 and above 

Device Model: NGS-130W

1. Configure IP address on WLAN interface

Navigate to Network -> Interface Page

Click on “wlan0” interface and configure the IP address on the interface 

2. Configure Wireless Settings

Navigate to Network -> Wireless Page

Wireless status is “Disabled” by default. Click on the “Enable” radio button to enable it. 

SSID Name: This is user-configurable

Interface: This will be set to “wlan0” by default

Channel: Admin has to manually set the channel. channel 1 – channel 13 are available for configuration in 2.4 GHz band

Network mode: Select 802.11n unless there are some legacy wireless devices that support only 802.11b / g

Channel Width: Channel width can be set as either 20Mhz or 40 Mhz. In a crowded WiFi space, it is recommended to keep the channel width to 20MHz only.

SSID Broadcast: It is recommended to Enable SSID broadcast as there is no security benefit by keeping it Disabled. 

Security Mode: WPA2-PSK is the most secure option 

After configuring all the settings, hit Apply

3.Configure DHCP Server

DHCP server must be configured for the wireless users to get IP address after connecting to the SSID. 

4. Connect to the SSID

Select the SSID from the available networks and click “Connect” and enter the passphrase entered in the wireless settings page. 

After connecting to the SSID, following are the details seen on the client laptop 

5.Create Users

Wireless clients will be same as the clients connected on the LAN interface of the UTM.

If the IP range of the DHCP server for wlan interface are added to the Users list then the wireless users will get access to the Internet.

If the IP address is not added then the users will be redirected to the UTM login page when they try to access website on the Internet.

Please contact Seqrite Technical Support for more assistance