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How to configure custom zone in Seqrite UTM

09-03-2020 15:29:50


A network zone is a physical or a logical network such as LAN, WAN, and DMZ. Similar to these zones, you can create a custom zone in Seqrite UTM which will be treated as an entirely different subnetwork zone.

You can create a LAN or DMZ type custom zone, which can be assigned to a network interface. After configuring the custom zone on a network interface, you can create custom firewall rules exclusively for that custom zone.

Applicable Version: 2.4 and Above


Navigate to Network > Custom Zones.

In the Custom Zones area, click + (Add) to add a new custom zone. The Add custom zone dialog appears.

Enter the name and select zone type, whether LAN or DMZ.

Click Save. The zone is saved and the custom zone list updated.

You can find custom zone listed when you configuring the network interface.

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