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How to Configure Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) on Seqrite UTM

25-01-2023 01:31:08

Overview: Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) protocol generally used by ISPs contains network path information which enables the routers to share routing information between autonomous systems (AS) so that optimal routes can be used. A connected group of networks or routers that are controlled by a single administrative entity and share common routing policies can be called an autonomous system. An AS is identified by a unique AS number. This AS number helps share routing information between neighboring AS. Use private AS numbers from 64512 to 65535 if a unique AS number is not required.

Applicable Versions: UTMv2.4 and above

Rules to allow for BGP in your Network

1.If the interface zones are created as LAN then you have to create custom firewall rule LAN-LAN with NAT.
2.If the interface zones are created as WAN then you have to create LAN to WAN Inter-zone rules as by default NAT.
3.If the interface zones are created as DMZ then you have to create LAN to DMZ Inter-zone rules as by default NAT.

BGP Configurations:

1.Navigate to Network > Routing > BGP
2.Toggle the BGP status button to enable the dynamic routing using BGP.
3.Enter the Router ID of the ISP border router. The router ID helps identify a BGP router. It is usually the IP address of the gateway. You can obtain this from your ISP.
4.Enter the local Autonomous Number (AS) number of your internal router. AS may be a number from range: 1 to 4294967295.

5. Add the neighbors (in this case your ISP) IPv4 address and AS details as required. The neighbors are the related AS systems.

6. Add the network and the subnet masks of your internal network as required. The BGP protocol will advertise these networks.

7.Click Apply.

To check BGP routes in Backend version 2.8:

1.Go to Su admin
2.Select 1 option for configure and Manage Seqrite UTM
3.Select 5 option for Network Configurations
4.Select 5 option for Configure Dynamic route
5.Select 3 option for BGP Routes

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